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                           August 23, 2018

   January 29, 2020                               "Little Lynn"

I'd like to share a "little" about a most recent project. The project is one that is unique! Tom Cops, owner of Senior First Remodeling has an innovative idea for Home Additions called Linked Living.  Please, check out his website to get all the specifics of this cool new concept. But anyhow, I was honored to be a part of this project, starting with assisting in choosing colors for paint, countertops, and flooring to the staging that included sourcing furniture and accessories to make this home addition feel spacious, warm and comfy!  Please visit his website for more info! 

April 1, 2020

I just want to say how much I realize this current world event is reshaping our everyday lives right now.  I want to offer my well wishes to each of you visiting my website! Please, reach out if you need a little boost in your efforts to ready your home for this spring's market which may turn into a summer market, right! I am offering a free tip sheet for anyone who is a DIYer, just a small way of helping out in this time of need. Before I go, I want to put a more positive spin for this time of "shelter in place" to what I like to say "nest in place" that sounds a little sweeter, doesn't it? Stay well, stay safe, this too shall pass!   Email me at

                                                  Style to Sell. Style to Live…65+ 

                                                     February 14, 2018  

Are you at a time in life when your parents need you? Do they need you at this turning point when it’s time to move out of their lifelong family home and into something that’s more manageable?? It can be an overwhelming task! There are years of belongings to sort through, not to mention the memories that come with it. I speak from experience, about 15 years ago my sisters and I had the job of helping our parents prepare to sell the house they called home for over 45 years. There were so many mixed emotions, but besides the emotional highs and lows, it was physically exhausting. We were lucky enough to have my sisters and brothers, and the husbands and wives plus lots of grandkids to pitch in. Thank goodness there were plenty of us to help when it came time to haul away trash to the dumpster at the end of the city block. The time came when we were all done with the cleaning out and the house was spruced up! We ended, by piling all the grandkid helpers onto our beloved front porch, for one of my favorite photos! We actually made fun memories even in during those bittersweet moments of saying goodbye.  The sorting, packing, donating, tossing, cleaning and pampering the old place paid off when it sold quickly.  

 Last blog I wrote about the job of preparing our childhood home for sale to move our mom, Vivian, into an In-law-suite of the home my sister and her family built. Fast forward 10+ years, Mom did very well for a long time despite her Vascular Dementia, which is memory loss due to a Stroke. We as a family collaborated together to care for her medical needs and need for daily supervision. We are so lucky to have been able to feel rest assured she was living in a home setting with my sister’s family.

Living life with someone who has memory loss has it’s trials but gifts, too. In my Mom’s case, her gift was that she lived in the present, she was happy and content majority of the time. Some of the trials were due to the repeated cues and handling the confusion that goes along with memory loss. But, you know, we all have our own journeys, right? We all age and we will all face changes that affect every aspect of our being and eventually our needed level of support. In the Spring of 2016, it became more evident Mom was needing more assistance medically and the time came to make that tough call of when to look for living options for someone with memory loss. We decided it would be better sooner rather than later. We felt she could cognitively transition better sooner than later if her Dementia progressed. We knew as long as her apartment had her familiar furniture and décor she would have an easier time. It seemed that at the time, she transitioned better than the rest of us. It wasn’t easy but it still amazes us some of the things we learned about our resilient, sweet Mama along the way.

So it began…our search for an Assisted Living Community. A few of us did the initial research of calls and online reviewing of places. We narrowed it down to 4 and toured those places and then narrowed it down some more, to one. That was when we involved a few others and Mom. We felt, if this one place wasn’t right then we’d revisit the others but we didn’t feel it was beneficial to drag her around to a ton of  different places, which would likely have caused more confusion and anxiety, for all of us! Well, it was unanimous, we all agreed that one, was the right one. More to share soon, about the process of preparing a large home with an In-Law Suite to sell!   



*Mom is sitting in the back row, far right side! She was a character, just trying to blend in with all the kiddos!

So, I have been there and done that on a personal level! Let me help you and your family member who is 65+ prepare the house to sell and get as much of those dollars, you’ll need for future endeavors.

Next edition, I’ll fast forward to when it was time for us to downsize one more time to transition Mom from an In-Law Suite to an Assisted Living Apartment. That was a turning point in my life, it gave me the courage to embark on this journey as a Certified Professional Home Stager!     

                                                                                Amy Froehlich                                                           

                                           Wife. Mom. Caregiver. Home Stager/ Redesigner. Artist.        

  August 14, 2019

The time came to downsize, once more. Our family once again pulled together to begin the preparations for another move. Mom needed more close supervision and we found an Assisted Living Home that felt as close to right as possible. It is never easy, there are always some of those feelings that creep in to make you doubt. But, within a few months she settled in and we all began to adjust to our new roles of advocates for our Mom as her new caregivers got to know and love her. The home she moved into was a studio apartment and we again carefully planned out which of the larger pieces of furniture would have to go to her new space and how we could make those things safely fit. It was crucial that she had certain things for keeping her home as familiar as possible for easing her transition. It was bitterseet, as we would hear praises from the staff about how cute, homey and sweet we set up her new apartment. When just a few doors down her neighbors who may not have a family to help in making their loved one's space feel homey, where their walls were barren of treasures or photos.

It truly is important carefully plan it out and not to completely dismiss your parent's wishes. Take the time to figure out what will fit and what has the most meaning. She resided there for almost 2 years before her death, we miss her dearly. We will always cherish and appreciate all that the caregivers did for her to show her care, compassion and love.